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03 May 2019

Workshop – Psychology of weight loss: when you know what to do but still don’t do it”


Struggling to lose weight?

Feel like you KNOW what you should be doing, but you just can’t get yourself to DO it?

Maybe you can relate to Susan…

Susan has literally tried a million different ways to lose weight. Slimming clubs, meal replacement shakes, low carb, gym memberships…she’s even secretly priced out getting bariatric surgery a few times…but the weight just keeps piling back on. She is heavier now than she was 10 years ago and she feels her eating feels completely out of control. It’s really knocking her confidence too

“I am so accomplished in every other area of my life…why can’t I just control myself around food?

I mean…it’s not rocket science. Eat more vegetables. Drink more water. Eat less chocolate. Go to the gym. I KNOW this stuff. What’s wrong with me that just can’t stick with it? I’m just so lazy and unmotivated. I wish someone would just come along and give me a kick up the bum.

Maybe I’m a lost cause. If only I could lose weight…then I would feel more confident and motivated! And then I could get back in touch with those friends I haven’t seen in YEARS. I keep telling them I’m busy but actually…

Sigh. What will they think? I’m at least two stone (or more!) heavier now than the last time they saw me. Besides…I have nothing to wear. It’s not like I can go into just any high street shop and buy whatever I like.

But then…what would be the point of shopping? I already have clothing of every conceivable size in my wardrobe. If only I could lose weight, then I could wear all of the cute items that I have in my wardrobe already! Look at this one – it still has the tags on! I can’t possibly throw that away – it cost a fortune! If only I could just shift a few pounds…then it would fit again.

Susan is DESPERATE to lose weight…be thinner…to just stop this constant struggle which is consuming her life.

If you can relate to Susan and her story, click the link below to join me and psychologist Dr. Sally Bradley for a one-day discovery workshop that will change your mindset around food and weight forever.

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